Professional user groups

Windside turbines are designed for, built for and targeted firmly at the professional user market. The core of our business is based on small turbines charging battery banks that power small DC systems in remote and harsh environments.

Professional use of a turbine could be summed up thus:

”The turbine is used to do a specific job of work. That job is to charge a battery bank and provide sufficient energy for a system that must not fail!”

Customers in the professional user group market often need to operate in very remote areas and in extremely harsh weather conditions. In these environments turbine failure would result in expensive travelling, transport and repair costs, as well as system down time. For this reason Windside build a turbine that meets the demands put on it by such conditions. Building a turbine to meet these demands comes at a price, however for those who need the reliability and durability that Windside will give them, that price is value for money.

Professional user groups are many and diverse, as are their requirements, however reliability and continuity of supply are their main concerns. Together with the engineers and users, we design a workable solution for each project and purpose. If you or your organisation have a project that needs energy, please contact us: finland (at) and we will help you to plan the system.

Many professional user groups will use a Windside wind turbine in conjunction with other forms of renewable energy. The most common hybrid arrangement is with solar PV. These two technologies are ideal partners. Examples of these can be seen in the gallery section.

Windside is a member of IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).