Building Integration

The success of Windside is based on the turbines optimal design and first class materials used in the production. Due to this Windside have proved to be safe solution also for Green Buildings.

In Windside, expediency and beauty unite into a modern energy- producing solution, which provides the user with unique operational reliability. Windside wind turbine is soundless and ecologically safe- characteristics that enable installation even in the midst of a densely built urban areas. Strengths of the system: optimal design and first class materials, guarantee high endurance, keep the device unfrozen and ensure safety for the environment, inhabitants and birds.

Windside superiority in building installations is not just a question of turbine's unique characteristics but also of Windside's unparallelled 30 years' exprience and know how on the safe and efficient wind turbine installations.

Pearl River Tower

Guanzhou Pearl River Tower in China is a master piece of the green buildings including the latest green technology and engineering advancements. The 309-meter high building incorporates for instance solar panels, double skin curtain wall, chilled ceiling system, under floor ventilation air, daylight harvesting and wind power.

Pearl River Tower has four wind tunnels that go through the building. In each wind tunnel there is one 5 meter high Windside wind turbine. Wind accelerates through the tunnels and Windside wind turbines take advatage of the prevailing winds producing about 5 % of the building's total energy needs.

Special attention has been paid to, how well the turbines will manage in earthquakes. For this Windside designed a special application. The turbines will survive even if the attachment point of the shaft would face a movement of 100 mm during an earthquake of a storm. Some of our special turbines are equipped with this unique structural solution, and doubtless they meet the Windside Diamond classification.

Canton Tower

Canton Tower is a observation tower in Guangzhou China. The height of the tower is 600 meters and it briefly held the title of the tallest tower in the world. The form of the tower is generated by two ellipses that rotate to another. The form of the tower reminds Windside wind turbines therefore it is not surprising that Windside turbines have been integrated to the Canton Tower structure. There are two Windside WS-4B turbines at the height of 200 meters. These two turbines produce power for the local grid.